Testimonials from Past Participants in the EMPOWHER program

“This program introduced me to very powerful women, opened my eyes to the steps of getting a job/gaining skills and the importance of having a network.”



“My experience with the EmpowHer program enabled me to develop a greater sense of self awareness and confidence through the various workshops and amazing guest speakers.  I was able to learn much more about the issues that are faced by many people and ways in which  we can make an impact whether it would be through participating in volunteer work or presenting in front of local leaders. Overall, I would recommend this program to any young woman looking to develop leadership skills and help out those in need.”



“The program was beneficial to me, made me consider new strategies to improve my self esteem and my overall mentality. All the information I got to learn was valuable from analyzing the types of personalities to how to properly build a resume, it was all a  very helpful experience indeed. I really enjoyed being a part of the EmpowHer program”



“EmpowHer covers all the issues when it comes to the gaps in our community and how we can create impact. The program is very well organized and conducted very well. I learned a lot from just being present. EmpowHer gives us women a chance to find our voice, meet new people, and learn new things.”



“The EmpowHer program was a truly helpful experience. I have learned such valuable information that will for sure help me now and later on in the future. They helped me improve my communication, leadership and intrapersonal skills. The program provided us with amazing guest speakers that increased my self confidence, not to mention the friendly facilitators that offered us all their help, they were astonishingly generous and kind.”

-Zina El Baz.


“ I didn’t know what to expect coming into the program, but through training I gained a lot of insight into myself and myself in relation to my community. I loved the informal workshops and guest speakers and how easy it was to open up and learn leadership skills in a natural way. I learned how important volunteering and making connections is to job finding and I highly recommend this program to women of any age. Heather is a wonderful facilitator with a lot of good advice.”



“The program and workshops taught me a lot and helped me realize who I really was. I enjoyed taking a personality test which determines what type of person I am based on questions I answered. I learned that getting a job involves a lot of effort and time. I was glad we learnt how to write a resume because I could use it in my future. Overall, the facilitators were helpful and friendly and I made a lot of new friends.”



“The EmpowHer program provided me information and skills that will greatly help me achieve my future goals. In addition, it taught me self-love and self respect. I am thankful for having the opportunity to attend.”



“During the two week training in EmpowHer I got the chance to meet new people whom I hope to continue talking to in the future. Additionally, it was an eye-opener for things/gaps that are going on in the community. Also, it’s a safe space for females to speak and think freely without being judged. Throughout my time in this program I learned a lot about my personality and my interests. It was a great opportunity that I hope to pass on to my peers and community. I feel empowered.”